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Q: Can I install the Platform myself?

A: Yes, you can, but we recommend a gunsmith. The installation requires taking accurate measurements and pressing off old parts and pressing on new parts. But, if you have the proper experience and equipment, there is no reason you can not do it yourself. Make sure you fully understand the procedure before attempting the installation.

Q: Am I seeing things or did you replace the rear sight block?

A: Unlike other designs which just replaces the rear sight leaf, we are replacing the whole rear sight base. The KOP Platform is pressed on and pinned in place as per the original RSB. This makes a more rigid mount for your optics.

Q: What advantage does this mount provide over something like the rear sight leaf red dot mount?

A: The KOP System allows more flexibility. Several different rails and Optic Mounts can be attached to it. The ability to have the different mounts and swap them out if you use a red dot or a 1-4x scope or etc. We set out from the beginning to offer a "no-compromise" optics mounting system for the Kalashnikov family of weapons. We knew it wouldn't be for everyone due to the requirement to replace the original RSB. The mount offers improved durability. We don't believe in "tacking on" accessories. We like to keep weapons as svelte and lightweight as possible. We don't like un-necessary protrusions to get hung up on your environment and gear.

Q: Does this require a permanent modification of the firearm?

A: This is only as permanent as your original RSB. If you save your original RSB, it can always be put back on the rifle. The KOP presses and pins on like all the other AK barrel parts. No modifications to the original firearm are required.

Q: How long does it take to replace the RSB with the KOP Platform?

A: A skilled AK smith should be able to do this install in one hour or less.

Q: Will this overheat my optic like the forward optic mount option can?

A: There is far less heat present in our optic mounting location. Also, no “return to zero” issues like when you remove a forward rail to clean the gas tube.

Q: How are you accounting for the variance in RSB journal diameters?

A: We researched the barrel diameters available. We currently offer versions to fit two different barrel diameters. One is for standard AKM. And the other is the RPK diameter (also PSL) which can be used for heavy barrel versions. Only a few variants of AK style firearms use barrel diameters that will not work and will require gunsmith modification. (Check Platforms pages for barrel diameters.) Always measure your barrel diameter before ordering.

Q: In regards to the rear sight notch, what elevation setting is it supposed to mimic?

A: The rear sight notch mimics the standard "combat" setting on your original sight. It doesn't adjust into the further ranging detents. Remember, this is a back up sight, though our improved "U" notch does offer an improved sight picture over the original. It is much faster to pick up over the tiny original notch, especially for aging eyes.

Q: How is the KOP installed on a completed AK?

A: http://sabrewerks.com/install.htm

Q: Does this unit alter the ability for any handguards?

A: Military style or any designed to replace military style handguards will work/install as before the KOP is installed. The only handguard, that we are aware of, requiring modifications are original Saiga handguards.

Q: Does this unit alter the use of other rail systems?

A: Some do, some don't. There are so many types and variants of rail systems on the market and in existence, it would be difficult to answer this question definitively. if you have a question about a specific rail system, send us an email and we will try to help.

Q: How do you remove the dust cover?

A: As Kalishnikov intended. Our system does not affect dust cover install or removal. It has similar retention features for the front edge of the dust cover.

Q: Is any milling work needed?

A: In most cases, No, it replaces original parts in the manner they were originally installed. For custom guns or rare barrel diameters, some modification is required.

Q: What about field stripping the gas system? Can you still remove the gas tube with this mount?

A: The pin you see in front of the optic is for retaining the gas tube. It is also a secondary retention feature for the optic mount. Once this pin is removed the gas tube removes normally.

Q: Will the gas tube require a spring on it now to keep it snug?

A: We actually oversized the retention pin so any wobble could be easily removed. Usually takes just a couple strokes of the file to create an improved fit.

Q: Will I lose my iron sights?

A: Many of our optic mounts have improved back up iron sights integral to their design.

Q: Are these optic mounts made of aluminum or steel?

A: The KOP (rear sight base) is steel just as Kalishnikov intended. The interchangable Optic Mounts are 6061 T6 Aluminum alloy.

Q: I suppose it would be pretty painless to swap out inserts once the base is installed, I wonder if it would actually retain zero from optic to optic that way?

A: How fast can you pop out a pin and remove your top cover? Yea, it's really painless. The optic stays mounted to the insert, and after repeated removals and re-installations (as an assembly) it has always returned to zero.

Q: Can I return the Platform if it doesn't fit my rifle?

A: The Platform may be returned for a full refund if it has not been modified or installed. We recommend taking accurate measurements prior to disassembling your rifle to ensure that it will fit properly. You will not be refunded any shipping and handling charges. Email sales@sabrewerks.com to receive return authorization. See out Returns page for more details

Q: Can I return the Optic Mounts?

A: The Optic Mounts may be returned for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. We recommend taking accurate measurements prior to installing your optic to ensure that it will fit properly. You will not be refunded any shipping and handling charges. Email sales@sabrewerks.com to receive return authorization. See out Returns page for more details

Q: Are you signing up Dealers?

A: Yes. We already have several AK custom builders that are interested in offering the KOP on their product line. If you would like to recieve Dealer discount pricing, for volume purchases, email us at: sales@sabrewerks.com

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